Re: OT: World Trade Center, the movie

Tom Cronin wrote:

> Brady wrote:
>> Well, I'm going to see the film tomorrow or Friday. Should I post my
>> review here in AFL?
> You could review the film, and I guess that would be OK, but I'd be
> more interested in hearing the details about your various interactions
> with the theater personnel. Especially the female ones.
> ("She just asked me if I wanted butter on my popcorn--- does she mean
> that in the literal sense, or is that some sort of elaborate
> double-entendre?")

I did have an interesting experience earlier tonight at a friendly neighborhood bookstore. You see, as I am wont to do, I was purchasing a diet soda and newspaper in the bookstore's coffee shop. When it came my turn, I stepped up to the counter and noticed the ID on the clerk's nametag: "Speedo Feeler." I'll admit: I snickered. When the clerk asked me what was so funny, I told her that I thought the name was kind of strange. Now, here was my mistake: I went on to tell her that, frankly, I thought the name was kind of creepy. Then she got snarky. *Then* I heard her call another customer 'Honey,' which prompted me to tell her that I thought addressing strangers as 'Honey' is inappropriate. I went on to explain to her how I just find it uncouth, really. She replied by telling me to mind my own business. Then she informed me that 'Speedo Feeler' is her actual name. At this point, I felt kinda bad about the whole thing.

Wait a second. That never happened. (Or *did* it?!) Oh, I know what it was.

The clerk at the bookstore asked me if I had a discount card. Now, I've been going to this same bookstore for weeks. I see this same clerk all the time, and she *always* asks me if I have a discount card. She *knows* that I do *not* have a discount card. Next, as always, she asked me if I wanted to *get* a discount card. Once again, as I do each & every time, I told her no. But this time, instead of just saying no outright, I told her that I would have to "meditate on it." I further told her that I'd "speak with my clergyman" before making a decision on the discount card. She laughed, but I'm not so sure it was a 'ha ha' laugh. I'm just hoping this may put a stop to the 'do you have a discount card' question.

(That last part it absolutely true.)