Re: OT: Rockstar Supernova

Kath wrote:
bostonbill41 wrote:
Anyone watching? Not enjoying it nearly as much as last year with INXS.
Tommy Lee sounds like he is looking for a new girlfriend instead of a new
Havent really warmed up to any of the contestants.

Yes I am watching, and I hate to admit it but I like it. Crazy hair,
tattoos and faces piercings and good old rock and roll.

The viewing might be delayed here the last episode aired was the final
10 contestants getting guitars.
Kath - I think the guy who can play piano will win.

Ryan Star is sort of a pal of my son's... we'll call him Jimmy. Anyway,
Jimmy once opened for him in Boston and jammed with him after. Just a couple
months ago, Jimmy was calling around for a keyboard for Ryan to use at his
Boston show. He had Ryan sign one of his guitars.
I was going to post a "Watch Supernova and vote for Ryan" thread, but I
wanted to make sure he didn't suck first!
Some interesting history... two months ago, Ryan Star's name was R. Star.
The name Ryan Star was a previous American Idol girl or something and he had
to buy his name. He did so right after signing with an agency (Dave's switch
to CBS agency) and Wham- he was on CBS. Now he's incommunicado and his
private my space site is now only a fan site. He previously sang in a band
called "Stage" which was once signed by Madonna. He looks cool in eyeliner.