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Yes and no. The web wasn't going, but certainly newsgroups were.
Usenet well precedes the web. Admittedly, access to usenet was
mainly restricted to students and some technical companies. River's
life barely overlapped the start of "Endless September", the period
when AOL first offered usenet access in 1993.

Usenet was going, but it's useage was pretty much limited to college
students, academics and scientists.

Isn't that what *I* said? :)

People were chatting using
bulletin boards, not the Internet. I'll bet bulletin board users
outnumbered Internet users three to one.

You mean the old dial-up BBS setups? Or the local forums that Genie or
AOL provided? Either way, I wouldn't call them "the internet" in any
meaningful way. The web version of those would have to wait for the web
to get well established of course.

That's my point. Anyone using a computer to communicate in 1993 or
prior was likely doing it on computer bulletin boards, not the
Internet. If River Phoenix was on a computer, odds are highly likely he
would have dialing into bulletin boards, since he likely had no access
to a computer that was plugged into the Internet. It wasn't until the
Web came along that most home computers could access the Internet.
I'm not saying its impossible for River Phoenix to have been
communicating on the Internet. I'm saying the technological problems
make it highly unlikely he was on the Internet.