Re: "George"

and i'm guessing this is funny...I never read email at the Yahoo address!
you are such a slug...

"George" <presto16_99@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
you must be a hero to so don't read my posts numb you
think you decide who posts...what a dick you are...
"Bill Kawalec" <billkawalec@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
bite me.
I'm just sayin' the endless whining wears thin. It's the interests of
people who hve to read your endless whining I'm looking out for. You
don't like it, change the damn channel.

I never read email at the Yahoo address!

"George" <presto16_99@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Bet you never thought you would get a post...Letterman does not need a
slug like you looking out for his interests...We all have opinions...but
who do you think you are...I can't post because I don't agree with Bill
Kawalec...Hope my spelling met your high standards.