Re: Emmys

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> "Tha Woyah" wrote:
> <<He's the liberal darling of Hollywood. The guy will win Emmy's as
> long as he
> wants them, whether he deserves them or not. >>
> Well, the voters think he's the best, so under the Emmy qualifications,
> he 'deserves' them.
> As far as the 'liberal' label, most of Hollywood is liberal. I'm sure
> you've ranted many a time about this online. So Stewart is competing
> with lots of people just like him. Yes, his show is political satire,
> which certainly helps, but how many shows like his have succeeded for
> as long as his has, much less won a bunch of Emmys?
> Stewart's acceptance speech(es?) where he made the joke about people
> doubting whether a show with only 80% Ivy League educated Jews could
> succeed (you need at least 90-95%) along with his short, poetic tribute
> to Letterman, show why he continues to win Emmys. Not because he's
> 'liberal' (which doesn't hurt, but just makes him like just about every
> other performer in Tinseltown), but because he is naturally funny and
> has heart. He can switch from being comical to serious without missing
> a beat. That's why he continues to win Emmys, not because he's
> 'liberal'.
> And a consistently hilarious supporting cast doesn't hurt either. But
> John runs the show. Without an excellent straight man, the show flops,
> regardless of how many brilliant supporting players there are.

I. M.