Indians Surge in New Illegal Immigration from Mexico

The satiric but deadly serious blog allegedly published by the
American Secret Society of Illegals has become active again, with a
new post on claiming that ASSI's "Outreach program" to Asia to make up
for decline of illegal Hispanics has succeeded in producing a surge of
illegal Indian (from India) immigrants thru Mexico.

It's based on a true AP in-depth story posted in Salon July 16 that
relates how U.S. Border Patrol has seen this surge in Indian illegals
over the past year.

ASSI said its program included online videos pointing out that
Indians, whether they got here legally or illegally, automatically
qualified for special minority financial and support programs not
available to natural borns.

Also some other stuff that would be great to see feedback on. Pls consider
joining the blog and offering satiric news, as only serious reporting
hasn't gotten far. Twitter coming soon.

Satire has not been used to talk about the illegal immigration problem
in any consistent way. Cheers.