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Thinking out loud ... what's the race ??

Myleaha and Mykayhla Woods, 18 months, were left alone with their
Jaterius, 2, by their mother for the weekend in the family home. The
had no electricity or running water and the only food was located on the
floor of the kitchen ... 6 cups of jello.

Was that *GRAPE* jello?

I am going to say YES without knowing FOR SURE ..

Was there a pack of Newports laying around? Cause if there was I'm
ready to guess...

YES a pack of Newports opened at the bottom.

Opened at the bottom? What's up with that?

A lot of guys that work with their hands open them at the bottom so
they don't touch the part you put in your mouth with their dirty
hands.  I remember years ago there were cigarettes that were marketed
exclusively to blacks that were made to be opened from the bottom.

You know, after revisiting this, it seems a little more than hilarious
that so many people started protesting.  It's like the "Joe Camel" ads
they said targeted children, but this one, for all intents and
purposes, targeted blacks.  It would imply that someone had to step in
and protect them from themselves.  I mean, who ever tried to protect
cowboys from those Marlboro ads?

I always heard that the Marlboro "cowboy" was a homo. Not that there
is anything wrong with that...

So they were targeting gays? Why didn't someone protest that?
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