Re: Looks like Jukebox Boy is going to have to get a second job....

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I can hear it now, "So what. ÊSo it went up 2 bucks. ÊIf you can't
afford that you're a cheapskate. ÊEverything is going up. ÊSo what

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Do you want polite or do you want sincere?

I was thinking about this just this morning. I got the email from
Sirius yesterday about locking in the lower rate... Wasnt part of
Mel's pitch to the fed's that they WERENT going to raise prices? For
me it would only mean another $8.00 a month but thats not the point.
This kinda pisses me off a bit.


Eight bucks more than I would consider paying.  My suggestion, pay
month to month.  I doubt they'll be around in a year...
lab~rat  >:-)
Do you want polite or do you want sincere?

I'm probably going to kill the three home units and stick with the
every quarter plan on the two in my trucks that I've been on since
late 05. Theres no way in hell I'm paying their version of lifetime.
This is not a good way to try and gain new customers/keep their old
ones. I'm going to tell them as much when I call to shut the home
units down.

Tell them you want to cancel ALL of them. They'll trip over themselves trying to give you free months.