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I read that they are having a PRIVATE 'family only' wedding first
one for the friends later. I am thinking "Of course!! She -IS-
.. they are doing the Jewish wedding for the family and the
wedding for friends and the press.

I thought she wasn't Jewish.

I think she is NOT Jewish in the same way that Howard is HALF Jewish.

I thought she was catholic. Why would Stern say she isn't if she is?
think he'd get much less grief if she were.

Why are you all pontificating about Beth's religion? Why don't you
just look it up?
You could use the same source that told you she got her dog from a


She got her dog from the pet store that advertised on his show with that
silly "Lucky the Rabbit" story.

Where do pet stores get their dogs from?

Tee hee.

They steal them from Katrina victims?

No, guess again...

Tee Hee....

"And just like any rich powerful guy, he went out a banged a lot of hot babies." (Michael "Borat" Marrone 05/27/08)