Re: Does Howie Have Herpes?

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On Thu, 12 Jun 2008 08:39:23 -0700 (PDT), american.male.1...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
... most of you must twist and contort every issue so that it says
something negative about one Howard Stern.

"Where they planning to ask crazy quesitons?" (Marrone 9/16/06)

Why was it funny yesterday when Howard was getting on Ronnie's case
about not getting a colonoscopy? I have no idea, but I was laughing.

"Probably not as longer as it took you to cume in your pants" (Marrone 4/21/06)

Why was it funny when alanis morrisette started talking in odd
metaphor that no one understood, and Howard said "I think she's coming
on to me!"? I have no idea, but god damn it, it was. How do I *know*
it was funny? Because I was laughing.

"What you say Ass Clone." (Marrone 9/19/06) makes no difference if everyone in the country is listening, or if
it's just me and my friends.

"I best it makes it hard to caught those little boys when they get off the bus"
(Marrone 10/10/06)

Some people here not only think that the show is unfunny (which is
fine- it's just an opinion)...
Some even seem to think it's because you're a victim of some mass
delusion (see the clearly schizophrenic Vicki).

"You Maggot are going to show me my error ways? You're a bigger joke than
Kenneth Keith. You jsut need to crawl back into the hole that you came from."
(Marrone, 10/20/06)
"your responses are beginning to be more stupid that normal" (Marrone 9/16/2006)

Well THAT was bizarre.