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My friends and I talk about the show all the time.

I have a simple request.....write a short post about something funny on

I just did elsewhere. But what would be the point in doing this for
YOU? You don't like the show, so not only would my descriptions of
the humor not do it justice, but even I were magically able to make
funny with words something that happened you still would just respond
with some version of "yeah, real funny. ha ha."

There is nothing in that for me, and I don't owe you anything, so
sorry but no sale.

Talking about the show is fun with someone else who a) likes the show
and b) listened to the same part you did. When someone asks "Did you
hear yesterday when..." and the answer is 'no', there is great
disappointment because both people know that if you weren't "there",
you probably won't find a description of what happened to be funny.
Of course there are SOME situations that may lend themselves to a
simple description, but those would be the exceptions.

People in here (and in real life) used to parrot the phrases used on the
show all the time. It didn't call for some description of how funny the
show was, just that we enjoyed it and it was a common bond. A lot of
threads were started in here making fun of a guest, even if Howard was nice
to them. There were hundreds of events that were brought up over and over,
not that they were so funny, but that it was part of the show.

I remember "Reboot me" being one. And that the internet isn't ready for
Howard. A million things.

Now no one posts anything but boring crap about the stupid radios. Do you
see why we make fun of the Howard homo morning zoo?