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that substantiate the notion that Sirius units do in fact sell, and at
least as good as the XMs, despite higher cost (WTF??).

Nobody cares about that, Slappy. Answer this:

"why did Mainelli leave the Sirius going up, at the same time Howard
going down out"


Anyway, Amazon's bestseller in Electronics> Car audio and video >
Satellite Radio is a sirius unit that's bigger and also more expensive
than the XM unit (which is #2).

This is just one site, and for all I know there is one sale separating
the two, and tomorrow they will be switched. It's also just a
ranking, so who knows what the actual sales numbers ARE?

That's not the point - the point is that the Sirius hardware is
selling as well as the XM despite the higher price (and larger size).

I didn't want to spoil the surprise, but you see, Howard is the King of all
Media. Seeing that the internet is a form of media, he has complete control
of it. He is so powerful he can make a quick call to Amazon and they will
manipulate the data to show that not only does the shitty Sirius product
outsell the superior XM radio, it does so entirely because of Howard's
groundbreaking radio show.

Now let's get down to it, you are here to prove that Howard is the reason
Sirius sells radios. What is it that you like the most about the new and
improved morning zoo? It's the bad words and the gay stuff, right? I'm
thinking that's it.

Now that your troll has reached the end of the road, let's discuss some
Howard Stern Show content, which has been missing from this newsgroup. Do
you have some funny shit to contribute, or are you a radio salesperson?

I'm a person asking a question that I've been curious about for some
time. Why would I discuss the content of a show with people who don't
listen to the show? That doesn't make sense.

You want number? Here are some numbers.

1,003,422 - Gross sirius additions for Q1 2008
680,888 - sirius subscriber deactivations for Q1 2008
322,534 - Net additions for sirius for Q1 2008
321,186 - Net OEM additions for sirius for Q1 2008
2,506 - Net retail additions for sirius for Q1 2008

1,034,000 - Gross XM additions for Q1 2008
731,000 - XM subscriber deactivations for Q1 2008
303,000 - Net additions for XM for Q1 2008
355,000 - Net OEM additions for XM for Q1 2008
(51,000) - Net retail additions for XM for Q1 2008