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where did his ng move to????
just checking

Seriously. Stuttering John calling into Adam Carolla today talking
smack about Tom Cheepasano, and not a peep in here.

He made Jackie The Plugman Jokeman look like a piker at the end.
Oofah, deuche chill moments.

No one listens to Adam Corolla unless they have a gun to there head and
stuttering john...who cares he was funny when on stern but not heard from

And let's not sell SJ short, for a long period of time, he was the main
reason Stern was in the public eye. His interviews were notorious and
brought Stern into the spotlight more than a lot of what Stern was doing at
the time.

And not to mention, most of his material was written by Jackie. The Howard
Stern Show got the credit.