Re: Why do you hate gays?

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What with the Larry Craig thing there has been a slight uptick in the
"I hate gays" type of posting. Just curious, why do those of you who
seem to have something in for gays feel that way? Did you get raped
by a gay guy? Did a gay guy steal your girlfriend? Are you mad
because so many gay guys dress better then you do?

Really, what is it that bothers you so much about gays? If it's just
the "the bible says it's wrong" that is your basis that's really not
what I'm looking for. I suppose that could be your reason but that
would hardly explain the palpable hatred some of you have so surely if
you hate gays there must be some personal reason for it. Or is that
just the way Christians are.

Don't take it personally, it's more current events than an attack on
your lifestyle...

Good news.. Larry says he's reconsidering whether to resign !!! That
should be great for the democrats.

Great, and with your permission, it will give me more usenet threads
to start...

Great, it will give me more opportunities to stalk you.

If it saves you any time and effort, there's no chance of a Love

No offense, you seem ok, but I'm married and straight.

lab~rat >:-)
Stupid humans...