Re: Howids teeth loss

RetardedFakeLawman <FraudCo@xxxxxxx> wrote in

Vicki wrote:
When I read stuff in here.....I presume that it accurately reports
what the ole goblin has said.

You can hate him all you want.........but you have to give him kudos
at being a master con man.

There's a newspaper story about dentures in the goblin
castle.......if he wore them he's not going to admit
that...........telling the truth would ensure that he gets hit by a
lightening bolt.

So he comes up with the fact that he sleeps with a bite
block....reasonable enough.......and that he secures it with a
denture adhesive......ridiculous.

He didn't say that. He said he uses Efferdent to clean the bite
Efferdent is a cleaner, not an adhesive.

The article said they found DENTURES not a mouth guard.

Only the uber zombies believe the bullshit about "Efferdent"

What about the Jet black, long, curly hair?