Re: Let's hear you ass-lickers spin this one.

On Sep 4, 10:34 am, KK <_...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On at least several occasions, Stern has used a pay service that provides
outrageous phone calls to radio shows, including the woman who said she
reduced her G tits to A and her husband left, and the person who called
suggesting potential priests be required to be castrated.

The service advertised that it provided the calls and mentions Stern's
show by name.

Also Stern has set-up phone calls that he "spontaneously" goes to which
are thinly disguised ads for Howard TV - much like the paid-for "ad-lib"
talk that a business I work for purchased twnety years ago, which I've
talked about here.

Remember the weekly "Great Son the of the Beach last night, Howard"
phone calls?