Re: Two Million Follow Stern To Satellite For An "Extreme Conversion Rate"

Schwoogie Johnson <schwoogabooga@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

No, the real zombies are the ones who can't accept that Stern brought
more than 2 million subs, and believe EVERY negative article about

Then where did those subs come from? 2 million is pretty damn

If Howard was as huge a factor as you say he was, there should have
been a noticable decline in the new subscribers to XM as Howard left
terrestrial. But just the opposite happened. XM's biggest quarter at
retail *by far* was the one that included Christmas of '05. Howard did
what Sirius needed - he made a shitload of people aware that satellite
radio existed. Unfortunately for him, they didn't all go to Sirius.

It was the stories on sat. radio that gave both companies the boost...those
stories were because of Howard Stern leaving terrestrial radio.