Re: Two Million Follow Stern To Satellite For An "Extreme Conversion Rate"

On Tue, 03 Jul 2007 02:45:57 -0500, Roland Deodorant <blah@xxxxxxxx>

Schwoogie Johnson <schwoogabooga@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Sirius was a fledgling company when Howard joined. He did what
Sirius wanted - he branded Sirius to the public. People that didn't
know satellite radio existed now knew about it. If you think they
all signed on to listen to a washed up old hack, you're insane.

5.2 million - 700,000 is 2 million. Schwoogie math everyone.

Are you insane? Do you honestly think the entire difference was 100%
due to Howard?

God damn, I wish I had clients as stupid as you. I'd be able to clean
their accounts clean.

No, but that it is much more than 2million.

You wish you had clients.

I can understand when people decide to go into an electronics store
and buy a radio so they can listen to stern but I have yet to hear
justification for people spending the money to buy a new car just so
they can listen to stern.