Re: what is fred's job exactly ?

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annoying and redundant sound effect button pusher ? sound database man ?

why does everyone in the show makes it sound like Fred's job is sooooo
complicated ? It sounds like the easiest job in world to me.

It would if you never did it. Fred's job is harder than it sounds.
Playing sound effects isn't hard. Choosing the right one for the joke
is. Not only that, he writes jokes for Howard and Artie during the
show, writes and co-writes a lot of bits, does imitations, and keeps
track of the email. I'd be lying if I said Fred wasn't annoying, but
it's usually when he's talking. As a SFX guy, there is no finer on
earth, and listening to any other show that copies what he started
proves it.

You forget how talented these people really are- until you hear the
imitators and the poseurs.