((( WARNING ))) Pass it on if you have the courage. †

((( WARNING ))) Pass it on if you have the courage. †

American Soldiers are being killed by our own Coverment.

They need a excuse to stay in Iraq to steal the OIL.

The WAR is staged: The C.I.A. made this VIDEO !


Start Calling Our Boys Back Home Right Now !

We Must Resist Tyranny.

The Pentagon Germ = AIDS

Covert Extermination of the Population !!!

Sometimes the TRUTH is so ugly we do not want to believe it.
And sometimes the TRUTH is stranger then fiction!
If we do nothing, then we deserve it.
Protect your Families.

Form Militia's !

My people are slaughtered for the lack of knowledge !!!

We Must Resist Tyranny.

Sons of Liberty Militia
Tim Stine
312 S. Wyomissing Ave.
Shillington, Pa. 19607 U.S.A.

There will be [NO] World Government !
By consent, or by conquest.

9/11 Was a Covert Military Operation! On orders of the Elite Robber
Oil Barons & Bankster Families to get the American Sheeple behind a
war to mug Iraq for it's oil.

It's NOT a WAR on TERROR ! It's a WAR for OIL !

We have been [BushWhacked]

Sometimes the TRUTH is stranger then fiction.

Believe it or not!
We are not asking you to believe US!
But we dare you to prove US wrong!

Deception is King, Reality is scoffed at !!!

Help Stop the Elite Sponsored Terrorism.

It's not Al-Qa’ida we need to keep our eyes on !


Freedom to Fascism:
Tax Poor America !!!



The revolution has started !!!
It's time to start over.