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The imitators continue. A friend in Vermont was telling me about a morning
comedy show on up there where some of the host's side kicks were shoving
turnips up their asses.

They are also doing blatantly staged "phony phone calls" and replaying them
ad nauseum.

And the host never once gave credit to Stern though it's a outright copy of
the Goblin Morning Zoo.

I don't blame them for doing Stern bits, I'll be doing some myself when
I go into radio, but to deny it the way they do is ridiculous.

You almost can't help but to rip Stern off somewhere along the line if
you do comedy radio, but the wrong thing to do is to come on the air
and say you're going to put him out of business because you're so much
better than he is. If you were better than he is, you'd be making the
money he makes. Hell, the guy rebuilt half his former audience in a
year on satellite. There is no possible way you can take a guy like
that head-on. And yet they keep trying, and they keep failing. And
the hosts who just keep their eye on doing their own show and don't
try to out-Stern Stern end up having the better careers.
The Big Ass Broadcast
The greatest internet radio show in the world.

Jewish father. Italian mother. Raised in a black neighborhood.

His mother is jewish.

Can someone clear this up once and for all. Twenty-years ago Howard
used to continually say, "I'm only half Jewish." Add to this, he'd do
bits about how hilarious things got during the Holiday season at his
house because of it.

Of course I assumed his mother is Italian. If he's since come out and
said it was all a gag, I have no way of knowing since I left New York
20 years ago.

Everybody who saw or heard her knew that his mom is Jewish. But he
finally admitted it a couple years ago when callers started busting
him on it.
The Big Ass Broadcast
The greatest internet radio show in the world.

I was raised on 120th street between Second and Third Avenues (NYC).
This area (East Harlem) was at one time the biggest little Italy in New
York. But before that, it was Germain and then Jewish. The thing is,
the few Jewish families who lived there in the 50s had kids who grew up
talking like Silvester Stallone and John Travolta. They had to or risk
getting beat up every day. The girls, the same thing.

The point here is New York is a crazy place. Jimmy Cagney grew-up
speaking Yiddish, not because he was Jewish but because he grew up on
the Lower East Side. Hell, how many people knew Fonzarelli (Henry
Winkler) was not only Jewish but had a PhD in Hebrew Lit from Emerson?

And while I was attending NYU, which Stern calls NYJew, I meant any
number of Italians who most of us thought were Jewish.

There's a point somewhere in all of the above.