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I thought there wasn't going to be any Jackie and Billy clips because
Howard was so afraid that they'd make him look lame by comparison.
But there's been tons of Billy and tons of Jackie. As a matter of
fact, I'm listening to both of them right now hammering Conan O'Brien.

I guess that makes you two look like dumb lying hypocritical smelly

Hey, don't worry, whores. I know you'll ignore this. I'm not
expecting you to answer. Just pointing out what stupid smelly cunts
you are is reward enough for me.

why is that Jim? You dont like women do you?

I love my wife and mother. And I like most women I talk to. I hate
lying bitches, though, and I hate you because you think you're a man
but you act like a woman.

So what your trying to say is that you hate me because you think i act
like a women?

No, I think think you act like one of them.

This all comes back to your childhood? doesnt it?

yeah, it doesn't have a thing to do with running your mouth, stalking
people on the internet, and then hiding in your mommy's basement when

Speaking of stalking - fafaflunky hasn't posted since Friday afternoon. Did he
actually get a vacation, or did drumrboy kill him?

From drumrboy follow up posts, he probably went away on vacation, just
like a lot of the people, that normally post here, and haven't over
the weekend.



Goddam if that isn't the funniest post here tonight!