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Roland Deodorant wrote:
"We understand he does a good show, we're not stupid." -Opie (referring
to Howard Stern)

And this is something I don't get...if Howard was so afraid of anyone
eclipsing him on the show, why is Artie still there? Artie can play
Carnegie Hall by himself now. Artie in another year will probably
have outgrown the Stern show, although I think he'll stay as long as
he possibly can because the show helps him promote everything. So why
doesn't Howard fire him if he's so afraid of someone from his show
becoming successful on their own? Listen, nobody wants to lose an
employee that's talented, and I understand that it was part of his MO
to goof on people on the show and make fun of their outside projects.
But their outside projects were a joke. He didn't goof on them to try
to keep them down, he goofed on them because they were horrible.
Notice he hardly ever goofs on Artie's projects. Artie's projects are
successful and people like them.

Another Howard myth debunked. BUSTED!

you won't find a bigger Artie fan than me, that is for sure. I think
the guy is the only funny person on the show some days. I also know
without him I would never have got Sirius...but Artie will not outgrow
the show in a year, Jim. No way. Jackie sure didn't outgrow the show.
Granted I think Artie has a rabid fanbase, and Jackie totally screwed
the loyal fans before he left...Artie is big because of the show. I
thought Howard's attack on Artie's movie and his career was way out of
line and it sounded like jealousy to me! I still think that Howard
hates that Artie gets this big cheers, that people chant his name, etc.
I really do. Now he feels threatened that Artie could do something
successful and leave the show. He knows that Artie is very important to
him and the show now.

Maybe Artie's movie combined with Stern's lack of roles since PP has
something to do with it? Or because "Beer League" got made at all with
Artie in a producer role when H can't even get his crap past square one.

Is that a sequel to "Beer Fest"?
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