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Alright here's a question for you. It's also the first one so you don't
to scroll up and down to read all the posts.

Who would you be rooting for had Howard gone to XM? Or do you just root
the service that has Howard?

Obviously we'd be rooting for XM if that had happened. But XM blew
their big chance and are now paying for it.

I don't believe either company is going out of business so I can listen to
Howard and the music channels. That's all that matters to me. I personally
don't care who has more listeners Howard or O& A or who has more subs XM
Sirius. If I cared I'd have gone with DirecTV over Dishnetwork for DirecTV
has 3 million more subs.

See, you miss the point...the amount of subs that Sirius gets is in
direct relation to how well Stern is doing and how much longer he will
be on the air. So naturally we root for Sirius to do better than XM.
Now if Sirius' new subs added didn't have as big a correlation to how
well Stern's doing, like how XM subs have no correlation to how well
O&A are doing, then we wouldn't care.

If Howard went away i'd listen to only the music. If Sirius goes away i'll
use the radio as a door stop. Plain and simple.

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