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I told you so.

Can't say it won't ever happen, but if Stern
really wanted it to happen, it would have happened already.

Stern is desperate, so he'll try anything that can be managed.

Including a bullshit story about how he was offered an O&A-type deal.

I'm telling you, he's gonna do a "buddy radio show" with the Greaseman.


Dick bag he could have done the deal with CBS even before he went to
Sirius as they wanted him. The clones only where offer to CBS because
they were failing on XM.

They're failing so bad that XM is keeping them on?!

Lets see, they have a contract, and actually a pretty cheap one. And
basically XM is getting paid, either through money or advertising from
CBS. Outside of that if they where worth anything XM wouldn't have
lease them to CBS.

Then why didn't XM sell the contract outright to CBS if they're not
worth anything?

Well from the advertsing that they're going to get it was worth it to
them to keep the contract them to sell it to CBS. The free advertsing
for XM would be worth more than CBS would ever pay.

Then O&A ARE worth something.

Even garbage is worth something, but in Radio the Clones aren't worth
much. If they where worth some thing XM would have keep them for
themselves and marketed them or let them grow and help the company. XM
did neither, proving they're not worth much.

It doesn't give Stern's bullshit story any more cred.

Right in CBS lawsuit it said they wanted to work with Howard on the
Satellite deal. What more do you want? Also do you really think that
some regular radio station wouldn't want to have Howard do a broadcast
on their station also.

If I see or hear a credible report about whatever company making an
offer of however much money to Stern and Sirius for a deal similar to
the O&A/XM/CBS deal, I'll admit that I was in error. Until then,
there's only Stern's less-than-credible word to go on.

First CBS said it in their lawsuit that they wanted to work with
Howard when he went to satellite. You can't deny that.

I didn't. Though I'd like to know when that idea was tossed
out/soured/went south, since Stern wasn't talking about that at the
emergency face-saving "CBS is suing me?!" press conference.

Actually it was, CBS felt they had the right to match Howard offer or
work with him like they had done on other projects in the past. Howard
wanted none of it. Do you really think CBS wanted to lose Howard or
would rather have the clones in his place. If that was the case they
would have kept Howard off the air when he annoucned the deal and
bought in some one else.

Also Sirius
wouldn't let Howard go to another station as it would be stupid to
have him on pay radio and then have him on free radio, even if it's a
water down product. Howard deal is working for Sirius, their
subscribers are growing, and they have already covered Howard cost,
and they're going to be cash flow positive by the end of this year.

Oh yeah. Sure. Uh huh.

I think you need to get out of your fansty world and look at the real
picture. To think that Howard has been a failure and Sirius isn't
growing and looking like it's going to succeed is just a Clone or
Howard Hater spin. It's all in your head.
As for being less-than-credible, the clones sure are that. Didn't they
say they would never go back to regular radio, well I guess that was
only because nobody wanted them.

We're not talking about O&A right now, are we? I know I didn't say
anything good, bad, or indifferent about O&A in this thread. So unless
I missed something, you're WAY off the subject of Stern saying that he
was offered an O&A-like deal to go back to regular radio and that you're
damning everyone who'd dare to call it bullshit even though Stern's
statement on the air is the only proof you've got.


I guess you don't want to believe that CBS wanted him back or didn't
want him to leave and would have made an offer to keep him or work
some thing out with Sirius even before he left. Or that another
station would jump at him to join them, specially since the clones are
on both now, even though Howard or Sirius wouldn't want that.

You stated the Howard was less-than-credible, why because you don't
believe him?