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I told you so.

Can't say it won't ever happen, but if Stern
really wanted it to happen, it would have happened already.

Stern is desperate, so he'll try anything that can be managed.

Including a bullshit story about how he was offered an O&A-type deal.

I'm telling you, he's gonna do a "buddy radio show" with the Greaseman.


Dick bag he could have done the deal with CBS even before he went to
Sirius as they wanted him. The clones only where offer to CBS because
they were failing on XM.

They're failing so bad that XM is keeping them on?!

Lets see, they have a contract, and actually a pretty cheap one. And
basically XM is getting paid, either through money or advertising from
CBS. Outside of that if they where worth anything XM wouldn't have
lease them to CBS.

It doesn't give Stern's bullshit story any more cred.

Right in CBS lawsuit it said they wanted to work with Howard on the
Satellite deal. What more do you want? Also do you really think that
some regular radio station wouldn't want to have Howard do a broadcast
on their station also.

O&A=Opus and Andy, Now that was funny when the guy said that. On 10
years and people still don't even know their names. And he was in