Re: Adam Corrolla

On 28 Jan 2006 10:55:35 -0800, "thursday@9" <highclark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>Artie and Howard were talking about going to the Allman Brothers
>concert. Then Robin said she wanted to tag along with them. Howard and
>Artie tried to dissuade her from going by saying that it was probably a
>bad idea for her because she generally wants to leave a place once
>she's been there for half an hour. Howard said that he is somehow able
>to describe upcoming events as being better than they really are. He
>said it was a "problem" he has, sort of like a curse. Robin
>agreed....what a surprise.

Wow, what total asslicking. Robin agreed he had some problem.

Douche. But at least you're listening intently. You're Howard's kind
of fan.