Re: Here's today's Goblin "test show"

Buster wrote:


Pariah, Vickie and all the rest of the extreme Stern haters have got nothing. Nothing in their heads, nothing in their lives. Nothing.

Their hate of Stern boils down to something personal for them, most claim to feel jilted by him for not being as funny as he once was, for letting Jackie leave, for letting Billy West leave, for being a jew... take your pick. The truth is that they all mental problems of one sort or another. They are incapable of doing the rational thing and moving on and to stop listening to a show they hate. The sickest of the lot is, of course, Vickie. Once you read a long post by Vickie you realize it has the visceral rage and hate that only a scorned lover could harbor for the object of one's desire and then you realize that this is all over a man she doesn't know, has never met and is an entertainment personality then you begin to understand how damaged she really is.

I actually enjoy Vicky/ Velvet's posts, they do seem personally affected by stern in some way and the posts are pretty funny in an obsessed fan sort of way.

I am posting more now than I ever have not because I am a huge Stern supporter but because I just found out about a group of middle aged men who pretend to be witches, play role playing games on the internet and idolize harry potter and I have never heard of anything more absurd in my life. It is like a look into the mind of mental patient and I am endlessly amused by them. I have probably posted to this group more since I found out about these maniacs than I have posted in the 14 or so years that I have known about a.f.hs. I'm sure I will be bored soon enough but for now I find it surreal and absurd.