Re: Oh shit

Darek <asd@xxxxxxx> wrote in news:Xns9710819887175asdasdcom@

> These guys are offering a paid service for a downloadable podcast (hate
> this gay term) of current stern show. How long before the dogs are let
> loose on their buttoxes.

Much as I hate to reply to myself, it looks like they are charging for
downloads of shows they get from the binaries group. Just look at this
quote from their site.

"By signing up for this new Stern podcast, you'll receive the newest
daily Howard Stern Show in a high quality 56K bitrate mp3 file when
available (otherwise 24K), commercial free"

Sounds like they don't have control over the source, implying they
download it from somewhere and can't demand a specific bit rate. I give
them a week.

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