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Toon wrote:

ngtybtnice wrote:

Warner Bros Entertainment president Alan Horn also hit back at claims
that his firm are splitting the movie for purely financial reasons..

No way. Impossible. It was to preserve the integrity of the books like
they first said, Clearly, it could never be to make more money,

On the other hand, their money-grabbing act /did/ help them to make the
movie(s) more like the book. Even if their primary motive was financial, it
should at least be acknowledged that their greediness has /increased/ the
artistic integrity of the books, not decreased it--there are plenty of ways
they could have saved or made more money by cutting the story to shreds.

(Of course, making DH into two movies is necessary but not sufficient for
"preserving the artistic integrity", so I'm not assuming that the movies
will be faultless just because there are two of them. And I'm sure you
could argue that /previous/ HP films have suffered for financial
reasons--Moody's eye, anyone?)

The Potter films' producer David Heyman previously said that the split
point would be "incredibly dramatic, very moving and make people want to
watch the next film".

Yeah, that's the problem. Getting fans to watch the final installment.

Heh, right? :-)

Entertainment weekly said this:
"As far as the split, EW revealed that:

Part I will end at about Chapter 24 of the book, with Voldemort
gaining possession of the Elder Wand, one of the three Deathly Hallows
that allow the bearer to conquer death.

Which means more time in Part 2 for the big battle of Hogwarts. And
director David Yates explains the two films will feel totally

Part 1 is quite verite, quite real... You feel that these three
kids are refugees. They're almost homeless, and it feels interesting
seeing them removed from the haven of Hogwarts. ... Part 2 is much
more operatic and colorful and fantasy-oriented. What gives you the
through=line between the films are these characters and the real
relationship the audience has developed with them.

The magazine also reveals that on their set visit, the crew was
filming a scene where the characters search for a horcrux in the Room
of Requirement, and it catches fire, and they're still wet from
seeking a horcrux underwater and being chased by a Voldemort-shaped
tidal wave."

Um, what? Am I forgetting the secret watery hidden Horcrux and the V
Tidal Wave Of Doom? The Diary was given to Ginny and ended up in the
COS, the Locket was at the Blacks then Umbridge had it. The Ring was
at V's grandpappy's home. The Cup in Gringotts. Nagini was with V
all the time. The Diadum was in the ROR at Hogwarts. And Harry's
scar was on his head. Which Horcrux was the eighth Horcrux, hidden
underwater, and protected by an anthropomorphic water Voldemort?

You missed that in the books? How careless.