Re: Continuity hiccoughs.

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Welsh Dog wrote:
Have been getting back to the films and have been wondering about
continuity errors.

Moving sideways a little, one of the most irritating errors I've seen
recently has been in the Twilight film when Bella is in her hospital
bed after the attack by James.

When you see her in close up the oxygen tubes are over her face.

When they pull back for the 'torso shots' the tube is pulled back over
her cheeks.

Wouldn't have been so bad if they'd not switched between the shots
three or four times making it so clearly *wrong* it's hard to believe
nobody spotted it.

Back to Harry Potter... I've seen a few errors such as Hermione
switching seats in the first film, and the doors of the Great Hall in
one scene being open or shut depending on the shot. That was in Half
Blood Prince.

Anyone else recall a really irritating continuity error in any of our
films?? :)

Minor things like that really don't bother me as much as changes that
just don't make sense (like Sirius' farewell at the end of PoA being
changed from something about Harry to something about Hermione), or the
twins attacking each other after their attempt to cross the Age Line
failed, instead of laughing as they did in the book. We want to see how
the story plays out in film, not how the story would have been written
if someone other than JKR had written it.[1]

That's an interesting final point, and you are dead right.