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So a girl in school loses a leg and is put back together with no ill
effects such that the trio don't even discuss it.

Ron loses a chunk of arm... and loses so much blood in a few seconds
he is ill for a week.

Hi Welshdog, I found an answer to you're question. It is in HBP
chapter 18, Birthday Surprises.

When the class on Appration started four professors were there. They
were Snape, McGonagall, Flitwick, Sprout and the instrictor, Wilkie
Twycross. When Susan Bones splinched her leg, all four wizards
immediately went to her rescue and put her back together.

When Ron was splinched, he only had Hermonie and a first aid kit. In
my opinion, Hermonie did a good job of fixing him.

Exactly my point tho! Susan Bones lost a *leg* so even with all those
teachers etc there rushing to her aid surely she must have been
spouting blood like it was going out of fashion... yet none of the
other students felt it was worth a mention?

Hermione got to work on Ron as soon as they landed yet he still all
bar died from loss of blood... and no matter how fast the teachers got
to Susan to repair her, she would also have lost a lot of blood... far
more than Ron did!

What's more nobody mentioned how dangerous it might be if you were
splinched with no wizard/witch there to help put you together again!!


Anyone remember the case recalled by Arthur Weasley when telling
the kids about splinching? It was a couple and apparently they left
half of themselves behind until the magical reversal squad showed up.

Based on Ron's experience, this couple really should be dead.

Though I love these books, this is a recurring problem....inconsistencies.
In OotP, apparating caused a loud crack. Later on, it was a faint pop.

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If you look at how ron picked up his wound, it wasn't through normal
splinching. The witch at the mom who thought he was her husband grabbed him
and wanted him to stay. The part she was holding remained, most likely do to
her magic not his own mess up. It may cause a diffrent kind of wound then the
other two cases mentioned.

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