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Actualy Harry only finds out about Dudly's change at the start of book
seven. When Dudly
started down that road was another matter. All we know is that Dudly
hadn't changed at the
start of five, and he was trying to make amends without people knowing
at the start of seven.
It was Dudly's questions about why Harry wasn't going with them as they
went into hiding that
brought several things into a new light. However, for Dudly to say
potter wasn't a compleat
waist in front of his father meant Dudly had been on the road of
changing for quite a while. I
do belive you are right about this being the reason Harry sometimes
vists with Dudly.

Seems to be some point after he realizes Harry was saving him from the
Dementors (not attacking him) and Book 7. Possibly only after the
family meeting with Dumbledore.

I believe that's it. He was affected by Dumbledore's comment
about the "appalling damage" done to him by his parents. That
coupled with the Dementoid attack and Harry's saving him. He
eventually came to the right conclusion, that Harry had not caused
the problem. The fact that his mother knew what dementors were
probably helped.

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I think Dudly started to think about harry after the dementor incodent in a
new light. However, I think it took DD's talk in six and the coments at the
start of seven for him to come out and say it in front of his parents.
However, the tea cups left for harry shows the change started before he had to
say it. But then dropping the tea off when no one knew was easyer to do. No
one knew he was the one doing it. It does make the bit beliveable. I just
wounder what kind of woman he married.

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