Re: Invicta Aviator

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:>Petrea Mitchell escribi?:
:>> [a spammer wrote]
:>>> Invicta Aviator Multifunction Grand Mens Watch Replica, Fake,
:>> You know, "Invicta Aviator" could almost be a Harry Potter reference.
:>> Sounds like a spell to summon an F-15.
:>...created with somehow funny consequences by Arthur Weasley...
: It could be a spell to turn your car into a better flying car,
: but I have the impression that "invicta" means "unconquered" -
: it might be impossible to land. On the other hand, it would be
: a great spell for a flying carpet as long as it could hover
: about a millimeter off the floor most of the time (much more
: comfortable that way).
: =Tamar

Invicta is the name of a classic British car from the 1920s and '30s
(the name has been intermittently used since).

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