Re: Why do wizards wear glasses?

Sirius Kase <SiriusKase@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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:> On 2008-01-30 12:47:41 -0500, santosh <santosh....@xxxxxxxxx> said:
:> > Rubeus Hagrid wrote:
:> >> If wizards can regrow bones,
:> >> shrink large frontteeth
:> >> Why then do they have to wear glasses?
:> > Maybe they can't correct myopia and hypermetropia. Or perhaps it's
:> > doable but difficult so that only few people take the risk. Or perhaps
:> > some people wear glasses as a fashion statement.
:> ...or perhaps JKR just overlooked this one.
: Not overlooked. Wearers of glasses are underrepresented in works of
: fiction except in certain stereotypical roles. I don't think she
: likes that stereotype and intentionally worked against it.

Rowling publicly complained about a foreign edition cover that
depicted Harry without his glasses,which she declared absolutely
essential because they "symbolize his vulnerabilities"...she's got
that sort of presentation in mind.

Still,magical vision-correction would seem to make sense.

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