Re: What transfer of ownership?

KarentheUnicorn <karentheunicorn@xxxxxxx> wrote:
: I think everyone should be thinking of the big situation that has been
: totally forgotten in this whole Elder Wand ownership twisted triangle.
: Harry at the end of DH is the master of the Elder Wand. He says he is
: going to put the wand back with Dumbledore's body I believe (Sorry I
: totally forget) But I rememebr Ron can't believe it. The unbeatable
: wand and Harry is going to give it up.
: SO what, Even if he does put the wand in the grave with Dumbledore, HE/
: Harry is still the master OF said wand.
: So, after running his mouth in front of everyone about said wand, when
: he was defeating Voldemort, etc. I am sure that all those people could
: hear what he was saying...well, was everyone that watched the due
: between Harry and Voldemort really good? Were there not baddies laying
: around...unless the good guys just killed all the badies; and I'm sure
: there were some even good people with questionable morals.
: So, now you have set up, Harry is STILL the master of the Elder wand;
: HE does not have to use or have the wand to be the master.
: And JKR has said Harry's chosen job is to be a Dark Wizard catcher?
: That he's going to be head of the Auror (spelling?) office.
: SO lets see, 19 years later Harry hasn't been disarmed in a duel, no
: dark wizard has EVER gotten the better of him, not once? He hasn't
: lost one fight with all that time?
: Wow, all of a sudden Harry has a perfect record, and I thought he was
: just an average he's sort of like Superman isn't he.
: Because if he does get outdueled by someone then wouldn't they become
: the master of the elder wand. Because what we see in DH is the wand
: doesn't have to be in the hands of his master to decide to switch to a
: new owner.
: Harry didn't have the wand in his hands when he defeated Voldemort; so
: he technically doesn't have to hold the wand to be it's master.
: So apparently the wand either does or doesn't know whats happening to
: it's owner and if Harry has to have the wand in his hand to loose the
: power then that kind of contradicts the fact that we saw the wand
: change sides from Draco to Harry without even having a actual
: duel...Did they even use wands against each other in that battle?
: So to me, this has to mean Harry never gets defeated or looses a fight
: ever again because if he does then the EW would transfer from him to
: someone new, even without being used because that is exactly what we
: see in DH.
: So apparently Harry is now, unbeatable and has a perfect record of
: catching bad wizards with no clumsy mishaps that would make him get
: out dueled, punched in the face or just outsmarted by a dark wizard...
: I don't know which option is more farfetched?

Exactly why I quickly imagined my mindfic that started with Harry
being murdered for the Elder Wand,shortly after retiring from the
Auror Office when his son James qualified to join,THINKING he had
pulled the necessary fast one and retired undefeated...but Viola
Crabbe never forgot who had killed her beloved cousin Vincent,
and once she's killed Harry and taken the EW from the tomb,James
and his sister Lily,the Head Girl,have to protect the other Hallows
and deal with a shocking prophecy...

The World Trade Center towers MUST rise again,
at least as tall as before...or terror has triumphed.