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Why did Figgy lie about seeing Dementors. If anyone knew squibs
couldn't, Harry's defense would be down the toilet.

Lie?? When did she lie?? She saw them as they were chased out by the

But squibs can't see Dementors.

Really? Ok Fudge wasn't sure, but Mrs Figg seemed to be quite certain
she'd seen them! :)


I think that was the point. DD had only one witness, and she couldn't
see them, only knew they were there. The MOM would never take the
word of a squib who felt something she thought was a Dementor. DD
also knew most wizards would know squat about squibs. So, if Arabella
says quite determinedly that she saw them, the others would believe
her (Remember what I said about sounding confident so others will
assume you're right?)

Fudge orders someone to verify her squibs can too see them claims, but
nobody ever does. Her conviction, plus DD's logic and manipulations
help prove a very tough theory, that Dementors did indeed attack, and
that someone working in the MOM sent them against Harry. And he used
their own squib ignorance against them.

I wonder if DD ever went to Law School.