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The more important question is that since he was more aware of what
the Hallows were and what needed to be done in order to recover the
souls of the dead... i.e. by *turning* it... why on earth would he
have put it on at all and expected to see Ariania et al ??

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None of the Deathly Hallows worked as described in legend.  Dumbledore
directly beat the last owner of the Elder Wand, which was supposedly
impossible, but discovered the wand itself was powerful enough to
warrant him taking it for himself.  He would later learn the Cloak was
actually a very low maintenance invisibility cloak.  By the time he
found the stone, he possibly concluded he had to actually wear the
ring in order to activate it.

Well that sounds wonderful... except that Harry had to turn it in
order to retrieve Lily, James, Sirius and Remus!!!

Harry and Dumbledore did not think along the same lines. Few people
do. Note how it did not even occur to Dumbledore to try "Accio
horcrux" while in the cave, although when Harry suggested it he did
conclude it was a safe enough effort.

That, I assumed, was to demonstrate to Harry that he needed to be a
little more subtle in his thinking. Besides, it is possible that the
traps were directed at a powerful wizard rather than a child.

So this one *did* work as per the legend... as did the cloak...

The cloak was not as concealing as the legend portrayed it to be.
Dumbledore saw through it in Book 2. What made the cloak better than
the "standard" invisibility cloaks was it's maintainability.

We don't really know he saw through it... though it is true the 'false
Moody' did using Mad-Eye's eye. Even so, the book said the cloak
protected the wearer from death. I don't recall that point ever being
explored properly.

Did anyone ever receive a direct (if accidental) hit with a spell
whilst wearing the cloak I wonder??

maybe (just maybe!) Gellert didn't *want* to kill the love of his life
so didn't fight quite as well as he might!!

That is possible, although given the account of their duel there is
reason to doubt it.

DD knew he needed to turn the ring yet put it on instead!!

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The legend did not mention the stone being set in a ring at all. By
the time Dumbledore found the stone, he knew for a fact that the other
Hallows were exceptional artifacts that were not quite as the legends
said they were. In addition, Dumbledore wanted that stone most of all
the Hallows, to the point where he forgot it was a horcrux. Either
that, or that Dumbledore's desire let his guard down, and the ring had
a spell on it to make the finder want to put it on.

That last part is possible. He might well have let his guard down in
the excitement of finding it.


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