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: From this you can see the problems with the publications and more
: importantly as far as this is concerned the *dates* of the
: publications! Yes it was well received after a fashion but it
: nonetheless took almost 10 years before it achieved it's popularity.

I know that also,the point is the popularity it achieved was a huge
cultural phenomenon.

After a ten year slow development yes, relative to it's time!

Nevertheless, if was nowhere near as large as the Potter Books... nor
did it achieve its cult status as quickly... which is the point!!

Huge is a relative term.

: It was a slow 'organic' process so whilst it has it's place the
: overall scheme of things, The Potter series has rewritten the books
: (so to speak) as far as the 'shared cultural phenomenon' is concerned.
: At the time LoR was published it simply wasn't possible for it to do
: what The Potters did. Ten years is a *long* time for a book to
: languish whilst its popularity spreads.


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