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.... He didn't join the Order till after GOF.
Really?? Where did you dig that nugget up from??

When DD recruits them at the end, that isn't an of course you'll
rejoin request. Plus they had a bunch of young kids at the time, and
less likely to join and risk life and limb.

I thought Arthur and
Molly were both in the order... especially given that Molly's brothers
had been killed by Voldie!!
Just because they were killed by him, doesn't mean they were
Phoneixes, nor does it mean the whole family was.

They (Molly's brothers) were in the original Order, according
to the old photo Moody showed Harry. Molly, though, definitely
wasn't; Lupin said she hadn't been when he was trying to
reassure her after the Boggart scene in OOTP.

Neither Moody nor Harry mention the Weasley's so how do you know they
weren't in it??

Besides... the only people Moody mentioned (with the exception of
Sirius who had short hair than) were people Harry had never met before
so why would they mention Arthur and Molly??


Molly's brothers were the Prewetts (Gideon and Fabian).