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:>>>>> Now, if Ginny really did chase down the train in Book 1, something
:>>>>> I have missed in 4 readings, then perhaps that was in fact obvious
:>>>>> from the start.
:>>>> She did run a short way after the train, but there is no indication that
:>>>> she did so because of Harry. _All_ her brothers are leaving for school
:>>>> and she is going to spend a few months with just the adults back
:>>>> home and she cant wait to join them at Hogwarts next year, so it's
:>>>> understandable that she is slightly distressed at all her brothers
:>>>> going off to have a good time and she being left with domineering
:>>>> Molly. Running after the train for a short distance is quite normal.
:>>>> At that age, all she had was a silly pre-teen crush on the Boy Who
:>>>> Lived, nothing that would compel her to "chase down the train" as
:>>>> if this were a bitter parting of two lovers.
:>>> Of course, she did want to see Harry, once she knew who he was. It is
:>>> possible, but almost certainly not likely, she saw him sitting there,
:>>> and ran to gawk at him. But that's not so much love, as viewing a
:>>> celeb. Probably didn't start crushing on him to Molly went on and on
:>>> about Harry this, and poor boy all alone that. Then learning he and
:>>> Ron were BFF's only increased things, Miolly going on and on about
:>>> such a wonderful thing. Real love didn't arise till Ginny dropped her
:>>> crush, and became friends with Harry. Then it was all about who he
:>>> was, not what he did.
:>> Well, it always helps when a boy a little older than you saves you
:>> from extreme danger - in the first book you are in together!
:> Yeah, but is it love, or gratitude? Would Ginny be as interested if
:> she never needed saving?
: She was interested before they met. She was still interested AFTER they
: met, even though Harry certainly wasn't what she had imagined the BWL
: might be. She was still interested after she was rescued, because she
: found that even though he wasn't what she imagined, he was,
: nevertheless, a real hero.
:> I'll never understand Pricnesses and their instinctual desire to marry
:> the first guy to save them. At least Fiona had a reason for wanting
:> her hero to feel something for her, to break her curse.
:> And what of kings, always offering their daughters to the first hero
:> who saves them. Killing a dragon does not a great husband make.
: No, but it gets the daughter off his hands. Daughters in a patriarchal
: society are considered a liability, fit only for bargaining them off
: to someone for political advantage.
: Sorry about that, women's lib folks, but that is the way things WERE.

More practically,these kings are usually shown as being without sons,
and a dragonslayer would presumably make a good successor.But legitimacy
as a successor requires marrying into the old dynasty.

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