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Hedwig brought Harry an Xmas present in Cos. I quote:

At that moment, Hedwig swooped into the room,
carrying a very small package in her beak.
"Hello," said Harry happily as she landed on his bed.
"Are you speaking to me again?"

She nibbled his ear in an affectionate sort of way, which
was a far better present than the one that she had
brought him, which turned out to be from the Dursleys.
They had sent Harry a toothpick and a note telling him
to find out whether he'd be able to stay at Hogwarts
for the summer vacation, too.

Excuse me? The Dursleys had not only sent an Xmas present... but
horror of horrors... had somehow managed to sent it via Hedwig!

There's a few questions here, especially bearing in mind Vernon's oft
displayed antipathy towards owls of any shape, size or configuration!!

How did Hedwig get to Privet Drive... why did she *go* there... why
did the Dursleys send Harry *anything*... why did Vernon suddenly
decide to 'trust' 'ruddy owls'... etc etc etc.

There again is something *very* wrong with this little vignette!!!

Well spotted - that one completely passed me by when I just reread the

The problem with it is - Wizards receive their mail via Owls - all of their

At Hogwarts maybe... not necessarily everywhere else. Especially
noting as you do later on that Harry got mail from a Wizard via the
Muggle postal services!

They don't have another option. THere are no letter carriers or postmen.

Yet Molly managed! :)

But that is no indication that the letter was sent to Harry via owl. IT is
only an indication that the mail got to Hedwig to deliver.

This once and no other time??

For example - when YOU send out a letter - it is not delivered by the
person who picks it up - there is a chain of events before it gets to the
postman who will deliver it.

Obviously - the wizarding world has a way of intercepting mail - just as
they have a way of sending it too. Remember - Harry received mail the
regular way from Mrs Weasley - covered with stamps.

He received mail... but they sent it directly to him. No owl involved.

We *know* that Muggles can send mail to Hogwarts,

?Severus saw the envelope, and he couldn?t believe
a Muggle could have contacted Hogwarts, that?s all!
He says there must be wizards working undercover
in the postal service who take care of??

But that explains nothing about how *Vernon* managed to get a letter
to Harry!

Vernon wouldn't have posted anything to Harry at school because he
hated even mentioning the name. Can you even imagine him writing the
address on an envelope even if he knew it??

Added to which remember this wasn't a normal post owl delivering to
Harry... this was *Hedwig*!!


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