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I BEG TO DIFFER: I wish Harry and Hermione had gotten together.
Hermione ?ship? makes an awful lot of sense after this chapter, where
they begin with the same inspiration, plan a caper together, and end
walking away together shoulder to shoulder.

Statistics from searching's Harry Potter archive.

470 pages of search results for r/Hr pairing.
514 pages of search results for H/Hr pairing.

These seem to suggest that the majority of HP fanfiction authors seems
to agree with you. It might even be not unreasonable to conclude that
the majority of HP fandom agrees with you.

No, just the most vocal I would suggest and having followed these
discussions with interest over the years I can confirm that the ironically
named 'Harmony' camp are an extremely vocal bunch.

While the communications shown at the above link may appear to be extreme
representations I must say they are actually pretty typical of the sort of
posts that were flying around on online forums around the time of the
release of HBP.
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