Re: Are You Satisfied With The Back Stories

Toon wrote:

On Tue, 20 May 2008 20:19:58 +0530, santosh <santosh.k83@xxxxxxxxx>

Please no joking! Where did Ron shine? Neville was brilliant in DH I
quite agree, but what did Ron really do? It was a blessing that he
didn't screw up anymore than he did. As for him saving Harry from the
pond, well he just happened to be at the right place at the right
time. How difficult is it to pull someone out of a ditch? And stabbing
the Locket is by far his worst moment in the entire series.

He figured out to use the Basilisk fangs. he knew how to open the
COS. and he was able to speak a language he has very few experiences
with, even but one word.

Oh come on. Are you honestly saying you won't be able to copy a short
bit of hissing and spitting after hearing it multiple times? Good
visual and auditory memory is not all that uncommon, and since Harry
speaking Parseltongue is certainly a "memorable" incident, it would
surely have stuck in Ron's memory more than normal speech.

In any case I disagree that Ron shone more than Neville. The heroes of
DH were basically:


in that order. The Creevey who died was fairly courageous too. But what
did Ron do that places him in the above list I can't imagine. IMO of