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cowardly Malfoy (and yes, I dislike how Rowling turned
an interesting character into a squeaking coward

Draco was portrayed as being easily frightened in PS/SS,
when he was terrified of going into the woods, having heard
that there were werewolves there. (Possibly a report from
when Lupin did roam the woods at night, or there were more;
remember, Draco's family knew Fenrir and he had reason to
believe in the reality of werewolves of the worst kind.)

I always thought those rumors were completely intentional told by the Marauders to keep people away during the time they were in the forest.

One look at a crawling horror drinking the blood of a
dead unicorn, and Draco screamed and ran. Please note that Harry would have run, but he was too frightened to move.

They were 10, also. But even an older person would have run away. Hard to tell, no one really knows how they can react in a panic situation.

11. One can't start Hogwarts until after their 11th birthday.