Re: One Good Thing Abou Dumbledore Being Gay

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Toon wrote:

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Louis Epstein wrote:


There's been no question that Rowling falls squarely in the
political camp that regards homosexual activity as unobjectionable
and regarding homosexual activity as objectionable as mortal sin.

Where are the evidence for these strong conclusions?

Perhaps she regards homosexual inclinations as understandable and
sympathises with those who suffer from it, but does not endorse
gratuitous indulgence in homosexual activity.

To me she comes across as someone who might be receptive and
sympathetical to victims of homosexuality.

Gays are no more suffering victims than Hermione is for being highly

Are you really saying that being gay is comparable to being

Yes, quite natural and god given. Or nature evolved, whichever your
preference. Hence why it exists in nature in mammals, of which humans
are a part of. If being gay was a problem, it'd be weeded out through
evolution. Any gays around, would be few and far between.