Re: Harry not truly a Horcrux

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In regard to Dumbledore, I think people are being rather hard on him. In the Potterverse we have an evil maniac likely to take over the world. Dumbledore is in the position of Churchill - having to lie to the public so that a good end may be achieved, even though it may be torturing his soul.

It's just a book to us, but it's the world to Dumbledore!

What I'd like to know is, why is it every time DD's shown not to be
the perfect being Harry sees him as, everybody jumps all over him, and
then insists everything he said and did must be questioned?

No - just that everything he said or did CAN be questioned - not must be. I believe you started the question Dumbledore stuff by yourself - when you said that his statement that Nagini is a Horcrux is SPECULATION.

Based on the knowledge we have of Dumbledore now - he is not the all seeing - all knowing -all caring - all good - superduper guy. He has flaws and is not always right. His caring for Harry was not personal - it was for the grand plan. His belief in Snape was not based on Loyalty - but control. With everything he knew about the ring - he still stupidly put it on - and it really was the end of him.