Re: Harry not truly a Horcrux

On Mon, 31 Dec 2007 05:41:38 -0800, richard e white <chiphead@xxxxxxx>

In order for that to have happened - it would
have had to happen BEFORE Voldemort tried the AK. (as JKR has said - it
cannot happen accidentally).

And in Book 7, she says it can and did.

Hence the problem. She has said both. and explained neather.

And in a stalemate, original canon wins. Books always come first for

It's so easy to make Horcruxes any way she wants, then say Harry is
the exception (like never surviving an AK). Instead, she says nope,
sorry, didn't really mean what I wrote. What I really meant to write
was . . .

Instead of a lie, you get a one time deal. An Accidental Horcrux,
which defied the rules do to a unique set of circumstances and events.

Then again, on her FAQ page, she says Voldemort was like a Horcrux for
Harry. No doubts who can follow that. Nobody can say she said
Voldemort was a Horcrux for Harry. Why not have DD say the same to
Harry. You were like a seventh Horcrux for Voldemort. But no we get,
You're a Horcrux Harry, and we're supposed to believe DD was just
wrong, a pleasant cop out.

The key thing is, Jo said under the strict definition. How many times
have people used less than strict definitions? But no, we're to
accept a lie in the books based on a technicality? Sorry, can't do
that. Book integrity first.