Re: Harry not truly a Horcrux

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YOU were the one who said you cannot always take what Dumbledore says as
truth -

Right. But why is this one of those?

I also note that Dumbledore also said that Harry would
have to DIE to get rid of the Horcrux - something Harry did not do.
may have come close - but he did not die. As JKR said - death is
permanent - so Harry should not have been able to return. So -
dumbledore was clearly wrong on this one.

Right, because Voldemort changed the game plan. He provided the
solution DD did not think existed. And no Vodlemort was not a horcrux
for Harry.

So - If we ignore what Dumbledore said (You called it speculation)-
there is nothing in the books to back up that Harry was a Horcrux.

Except, it fits. Why are you so convinced DD is wrong? You were
always against this theory? Why? Surely it's not this ridiculous
notion of your's that it had to already be established before we can
speculate about it.

In fact - it actually goes against the idea of Voldemort splitting his
soul into 7 pieces(Something He himself said) - it would be eight.

Yeah, funny how Voldemrot tended to ruin his own plans. Especially a
plan that was never confirmed to be plausible. Voldie thought a 7
part soul was a good idea. Nobody ever said he was right. In fact,
his constantly splitting his soul doomed him, not saved him. He
enabled Harry to survive to defeat him. Had he made only one or even
two, as a backup, Harry'd be dead, and he'd be ruling.

take note that Harry also had no obvious spells that protected the soul
bit in him - something that all the other true horcruxes had.

But are the spells a necessary part, or an addition? Ie, you cast the
Hocrux spell. it takes your Soul Bit, and puts it in your time of
choice. Doe sit also automatically protect it?

But Harry did have protection. Lily's Love. Not obvious, but who
says all protection spells must be obvious. His blood link to Voldie
wasn't obvious.

There is no reason why a soul bit could have been "lodged" into harry
without him becoming a Horcrux.

Right. Therefore, Harry must by default be a Horcrux. He has a soul
bit in him. He's keeping Voldemort alive. It was made from an act of
ultimate evil (premeditated murder, of a baby). It's ridiculous to
even suggest a Horcrux must be planned to be a Horcrux. Jo's just
changing established facts around to further build up something or

The same result could have been done with DD saying you're a new kind
of Horcrux. Or rather a horcrux like item.

What's next? The blood link didn't exist? The Elder Wand just
refused to kill it's one true master? The story doesn't work with
these two. If Harry's not a Horcux, he cannot have survived with Duex
Et Machina.