Re: That Awful Epilogue and Lord of the Rings

David Sueme wrote:

On Dec 18, 11:29 am, Bill Blakely <wcblak...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I just got around to watching the LotR movies on DVD, and I couldn't
help but be reminded -- it has been 35 years since I read LotR -- of
how much better an epilogue, so to speak, Tolkien gave his fantasy
epic as opposed JKR. While she was borrowing so much else from

I was "off the air" when the book was published and I missed the furor
over the epilogue. Care to sum up the complaints for me?

As to the Rings movies, personally I think Jackson omitted the _real_
epilogue, and thereby made a horrible mess of the ending of the saga.
The "scouring of the Shire" is very important to the conclusion of the
tale. Tolkein depicts the Hobbits as having grown as a result of
thier experiences and I think that he is offering that as a parable
about the human condition.

Frodo met Odysseus on the way home.

Who cares about the movies (both Peter Jackson's as well as Warner Br.'
HP series). Only the books are canon and they are infinitely better
than the movies, if only because they do not constrain your imagination
to revolve around the actors and scenes chosen by the director. Witness
the number of "young" HP fans that confuse Radcliffe with Harry, Watson
with Hermione and so on.